My going-in position is that you’d better have 20 to 25 percent more horsepower or guys like you aren’t going to know the difference.

I want you guys to get out of the car and go, ‘Whoa!!’

                                                                                                                                                                                                 O. John Coletti, SVT team, 2002


Introduced At NAIAS 1993, this Platform was an update Made on the previous foxbody Platform.  These cars had a huge success, due to several special models, the modular engines and some versions with Indipendent rear suspesions. These IRS cars Are true “track day” beasts.

The SN95 series could be splitted in two sub-series, exactly as the S-197.

The first sub-series is from 1994 to 1998, and brought Back the Mustang GT, and, in 1996, Thanks to SVT(Special Vehicle Team) The Cobra.

In December 1998 the “New Edge” sub-series come out, with a new design, new special models but the same base Platform. This Sub-Series gave us some of the best Mustangs of the fuel-injection Era.

Our trip now will move backward, from 2004 going back to 1993.

Enjoy Journey!

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