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It is said that there is a first time for everything, and mine was on 17 – 18 September 2016 to ‘Adria International Raceway.
There are times when certain passions remain a bit ‘hidden or simply return when the time is right, when you’re ready … and I must admit I was finally.

Even as a child I always had a bit ‘of a tomboy in me which liked the electric cars and tracks, when I grew up it was a bit’ subsided becoming a bit ‘more Miss but my rebellious side was always under the skin ready to go out as soon as there was occasion and I loved riding a motorbike with my dad and make some off-road, I enjoyed watching the rally and when I saw around an American car remained to admire it … I have to say that movies like “Dirty Dancing “and” Grease “have not helped to assuage the love I had for American cars and my I always dreamed of one day being able to drive one….

In 2009, you want the fate, the case or simply love made me meet my prince charming, is that instead of having a white horse had a red and roaring with a V8 engine!
Finally I was initiated to the various events, meetings and exhibitions of American cars and to the whole world that runs around it, thanks to this I have met wonderful people who have become friends and with whom we share important life moments.

On 17 and 18 September 2016 it was held  at the Adria International Raceway the European qualifiers of the Nascar circuit , for this event was organized by the American Company a meeting for all US car fans who gave the opportunity to enter and follow the qualifiers going into the paddock and above all to meet again and enjoy this show together.
And here we are all together in the stands prepared to see the start … In the distance, you start to feel a rumble of engines that get hot and there beginning to feel a shiver down my spine as if you were having to press the accelerator, then start with the first two laps behind the safety car (a VIPER not peanuts) pilots zigzagging to warm up the tires and the beginning bleachers to hear that unmistakable scent …. silent for a moment … then the sound of the traffic light and here the roar! The heart pounding because such a thing is not every day, the riders push themselves to the maximum immediately one of groups that at least until the end of the first lap remains compact and in curves someone touches  and turns but still keep running … begin to peel off the first and so to follow others every time they pass  I feel a shiver up my spine and start to cheer a little ‘for all because the roar and the smell of rubber on the asphalt will create addiction on emotions !

The wonderful thing is that unlike other circuits here pilots despite having the machine with missing pieces, go out of your way or any other unexpected things that you can have in a race continue to race for the win, They would have the motto “fall seven times stand up eight “imprinted in the blood!

In the afternoon, the circuit kindly gave us fans to come in and do a few laps on the track, this is my first time keys in hand, I settle, so excited to be staying in apnea for at least half an hour and then off … I think I push the accelerator i hear the sound of the Mustang V8 i’m driving and after the first few seconds of terror (i was afraid to go out right away and turn around when cornering) detachment on the brain, i hold the steering wheel and push on accelerator..and thanks to Fabrizio my personal navigator , I let myself be guided by his words and feel the car as an extension of all the rest of the body, I would have continued for hours because even then when you take a liking is a disaster!
What about … unique and epic day! Thanks to all the excitement!

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