With  my job, I spent the last 3 years travelling around the world. I met mustang people in every country, that shared with me all their love, and their stories. Some life changing(some of them pretty hard, like the death of my father, and the end of my marriage)
The Past: 1984 Mustang SVO The Greatest news we got the 15th of April was the introduction of an all-new 2020 Hi-Perf. Mustang Ecoboost. Even if this model will sound new to the Millennials, the Xennials like me( and the older Generations) will clearly go back
From the SVO Brochure, a 1984 Black Model “ Sophisticated performance for the knowledgeable driver" SVO Brochure,1984 Ages before the Modern Ecoboost, Ford experimented the 2.3 turbo liter engine on several models. One of the most performant combinations was the one installed on the SVO Mustangs (produced from the 1984
The Ford Mustang Love story between Romy and Michael Like many Mustang enthusiasts, I spend a lot of time on websites like ebay, craiglists, etc.( also on their European Equivalents). This summer, a friend of mine, that owns a roush sport, was looking for a set of bigger front
A project to bring the mustang legacy to the new generations. Author: Bradley Belcher There is a common misperception that Millennials don’t care about cars, but many of us know that this just isn’t true. The car show scene is dominated by older generations, and because of this,
Il “Mustang Club de France” nasce nel settembre 1984. Conta attualmente 458 membri distribuiti su tutto il suolo francese e paesi limitrofi, come Svizzera e Belgio. Siamo presenti nei più grandi saloni d’auto d'epoca francesi, come il “Rétromobile” a Parigi la prossima settimana, Reims e Avignone

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