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What is Mustangmania?

Mustangmania is a Enthusiasts owned website, completely indipendent, created to spread mustang passion in the whole Europe.

Which is our objective?

Be the connection point between all the Clubs, Enthusiasts and lone wolves in Europe, sharing their stories, their event calendars(in order to give the opportunity to everybody to know and maybe visit events in the nearby countries) , their pictures and the key point: their emotions.We hope This will helps all the Europeans Owners to gain the same rights and benefits of the USA owners.
We would like to create a “comunication bridge” between USA and Europe.

Why a Club has to join us?

We don’t ask any money, just the club logo, a brief story and a couple of pictures. This will give to each club some extra visibility about what they do and who they are, and hopefully give them the chance to have new subscribers. We would share your club stories, special events, pictures and calendars. We will also support the Clubs to be officially recognized by Ford Motor Company. We also think that is the time to

Why an Enthusiasts & Owners has to follow us?

We will share experiences, personal stories, Technical Advices and your product reviews.

Why Lone Wolves has to follow us?

If you have an issue that you are not able to solve, maybe someone from another European country could help you. Why don’t ask the local Club or another guys

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