8 Months after, my job brought to Iceland Again. But this time there was no snow around. I called Hilmar and the The Kristinsson's twins 1 month in advance, to be sure we will be able to meet again. I left a sunny and extremely
MY FIRST INVASION OF ICELAND I have to Admit that i am one of that lucky guys that has the opportunity to travel around the world as a daily job, and have few hours free to enjoy some special moments for me. I have been in Iceland
Last but Not Least: Philippines. I landed in Manila an extremely hot Sunday Morning. I quickly understood that the number of veichles on the road was much more than i was used to. Philippines have been a Spanish colony, went under the control of U.S.A., Japan, and back to the
DAY 3: ENGLISH, QUEUEING, MUSTANGS, GERMANS AND FOLLOWERS We decided to met at 10:30 a.m., but everybody was around the reception earlier. We created some enjoyable sound during our regroup in front of the hotel; people went out from the houses to take pictures, or simply stopped nearby. The Best
FAB AND CLAIRE FIRST DATE @ MUSTANG FEVER When a day starts with a ride in a mustang, it could not be a bad day. Anthony picked me up in front of the hotel with the 6 cyl. Baby. When we reached the shop,
I have been invite from the Organizer, Adelbert Engler, to this event for few years. This year i decided to take a flight, and see what is going on in Belgium. DAY 1: ITALY TO BELGIUM, MUSTANG & CO. my luggage at 5 in the morning The only flight with an

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