The SHelby GT500 KR story, from 1968 till 2022, with options, production numbers and technicals specifications. All you need to know. Part 1 of 2.
The History Behind the Bullitt and all the special versions that came afterwards
Once upon time in Ukraine   I visited ukraine for the first time in 2004. As many ex-urss countries, it was developing pretty fast. Landing here, 15 years after, was a positive shock for me. The passion of some ukranian petrolheads for the American cars was  something well known: many
MUSTANGMANIA INVADES FINLAND: SECOND ATTEMPT   During my second invasion attempt I clearly understood why for Russians and Nazis was impossible to invade Finland: Finnish People have Balls. Period. Specially as drivers. How i discover that? In the strangest way Ever! But let's proceed with order. During a quick visit to
The First Mustangmania's Invasion to FInland, Exploring local cruise nites, getting used to cold, and getting a free knife and a 27 euro debt. Being an Export Manager, with partners all over Europe, helped me a lot to visit different countries. I always dreamed about how
8 Months after, my job brought to Iceland Again. But this time there was no snow around. I called Hilmar and the The Kristinsson's twins 1 month in advance, to be sure we will be able to meet again. I left a sunny and extremely

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