Probably many people already know the Fisogni museum, the largest exhibition of gas stations and billboards across Europe.


The collection includes more than 5,000 pieces of industrial archeology collected by Guido Fisogni between the various exhibits there are also globes, milk, advertising signs, compressors, fire extinguishers, tools, gadgets, toys and photographs.

Fisogni04 Fisogni07

The museum also includes a comprehensive collection of technical drawings, properly stored in an archive.

Guido Fisogni recounts that his first gas station he found by chance in the 60 in a sand pit, he was immediately the idea of recuperla and restore it.


Fisogni08Fisogni05 Fisogni06

 He says that from that moment and for thirty years collects, restores and preserves what was to become one of the exhibition‘s most beautiful and interesting of the sector across Europe.


Fisogni01 Fisogni03

Fisogni on his website he writes a beautiful thought that we want to show:

“plates, cans, globes, toys and other objects that surround to the protagonists of the museum gas stations not merely serve to give an aesthetic pleasing to the company headquarters, but are testimony to the rapidity of the changes. The industry, by its very nature, it burns quickly its products to adopt other, newer, more beautiful, more functional.”

The museum Fisogni can tell many stories all documented by unique pieces that evoke the past.

The editors of Mustangmania you should visit this unique collection therefore we leave all the addresses and times:



Sunday from 9:00 to 12:00

Monday from 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 19:00.

The museum is also open on other days for groups by appointment.

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