CGS Performance

CGS Performance

CGS Performance

CGS Motorsports was born in Chino (California) to help the automotive aftermarket to “breathe” since 1995. The company is committed to offering the highest quality products at a competitive price. For over a decade, CGS has helped thousands of motor sports, trucks and SUVs to create more horsepower and save fuel.

In addition to the exhaust system you can gain power in other ways. So CGS has developed a power supply line that really helps the engine to “breathe”. Just like the human body, a vehicle must inhale before it can exhale.

By installing the system CGS will allow the vehicle to reach their full potential. These components are higher for both design and engineering, and use the highest quality materials, the result of an effective and careful design.

CGS products are unrivaled for both image and performance. The company does not compromise on quality craftsmanship required for the creation of products for cars aimed at performance. CGS strives to produce only the best products are always in line with technological change.





The products available on the site are:

– Intake system


– Air Filters


– Cat-Back Exhaust System


– Mufflers


Also you can see in the video below the wonderful version of Mustang 2015 presented at Sema 2014.

Rear tires, 405 / 25R24. Whipple supercharger system under Cofan paired with the system and exhaust. Other upgrades on the car include componenticome Eibach suspension Brembo brakes at all four corners, and splitter made of carbon fiber. terni custom among cuise construction and a leather headliner UltraSuede.

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