Forgiato Wheels

Forgiato Wheels

Forgiato Wheels

Forgiato was born in California in 1996 as a company importing and customizing wheels til become today a giant in the production of luxury wheels.

From the very beginning the brand Forgiato has always been committed to excellence and innovation in that field and has based its reputation on the precision and the accuracy of products, quality presently unmatched by the other company in the industry.

Forgiato models are designed, manufactured and finished in Los Angeles, California, and every order is unique, to reflect the uniqueness of the client for whom it is made.

Forgiato team provides a wide range of fully customizable options, combined with special finishes, to provide its customers a truly perfect wheels for every need.

Below we can see the latest Mustang, which mount Forgiato wheels, present at Sema 2014.



The highly modified Mustang has a 2.3L Eco Boost engine, an MRT exhaust, MTR hood struts, and a TKO grille along with a numerous amount of other modifications enhancing both its appearance and drive.

It’s sitting on a set of Forgiato Maglia wheels in a matching orange finish, sizing in at 20″ x 9″ in the front and 20″ x 10.5″ in the rear. For a more information check out the article Mustangs Daily wrote about the MRT TKO Mustang.


Among the 15 Mustang presented at SEMA in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can also see this Mustang, in two tone silver and red, has been customized by the guys over at 3DCarbon. The car is lowered by 1″ with an Eibach Springs Pro Kit, mounted on the 3 piece Forgiato Maglia–ECL wheels sizing in at 22″ wrapped in Pirelli P-Zero Nero Tires.

Under the hood of this Mustang there is the new four-cylinder EcoBoost, updated with a turbo system Full-Race and cold air intakes, in addition to an exhaust system Magnaflow Competition-Series. Other modifications include suspension Steeda and custom leather seating.Of course, fitted Forgiato wheels: 21 “× 9.5at the front and 22 “× 12on the back.

And finally do not forget that every year you can participate in the magnificent Forgiato Fest!


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