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You know, any excuse is good to see old friends. The distance can make dating difficult , but I do not think the friendship depend on the quantity but the quality of the moments shared. In Veneto I have always felt at home: probably for people, either by proximity with the sea, or either by lifestyle.
The opportunity to see so many friends has have been offered on a silver platter: for the first time in Italy, 6 official contest judges have created an event completely dedicated to the Ford Mustang world.
The UMC(United Muscle Car) of Adriano Sinicco and  Alessandro Baratella, in collaboration with the Mustang Club of Italy and other company name of flyer, they judged and rewarded, on Sunday, no less than 58 Ford Mustang on the 70 present, almost all 1st and 5th generation.
The amazing frame of Castelfranco Veneto and a beautiful weather, combined with the passion you could feel in the air , made the rest.
The event, in fact, started the previous evening with a barbecue in true Yankee style at the headquarters of UMC. Mustangmania could not attend so as early as Saturday. Needless to tell you that, eat a juicy hamburger looking at an original GT-500 1967 and ‘experience to do at least once in life. Saturday evening and ‘slipped away between car stories, beers and laughter, something that only true fans can understand and enjoy.
Sunday morning started really early, the arrival of the cars in Piazza Giorgione, Castelfranco Veneto, began around 9 a.m.
Few minutes for parking ( ok I’m, joking…at least half an hour) and the subscriptions were opened. A welcome bag has been given as a gift to each partecipant. The vehicles could be subscribed into two categories:

  • -Stock, for the completely original vehicles;
  • Modified, for all those vehicles which have undergone customizations of any kind.

Cleanliness, appearance and quality of the works performed were among the key issues for the evaluation.
The parameters for each car have been reduced to 200, compared with 700 normally used for this kind of events.
As a reward has been provided a plaque engraved with the placement, in the case of the first categories (Gold, Silver or Bronze), and a certificate of participation if the car did not reach the required minimum of 158 points out of 200.
The judges involved to evaluate the vehicles, were all top-notch. In detail, we tell you something about each of them:

  • Jeffery Sneathen , President of Semo classic Mustang, a former board member of the MCA and of the Ford Museum;
  • William Sneathen, (Jeffery’s brother): Owner of the Sneathen Enterprises, mechanical workshop specialized in vintage Ford engines, he also works on Hemi and other competition cars .On the field since the early 70s, he has been quite successful at the time, driving on the quarter mile with Mustang in different categories;
  • Jordan Sneathen : Jeff son, expert inspections of Shelby and Boss pre auction that judged with Adriano Sinicco the 5th;
  • Troy Cope: mechanical and body shop of mustangs from the competition, he is dedicated to the 5th gen as previous judges;
  • Adriano Sinicco: Collector shelby of 60es , passionate about Blue Oval, co-founder United Muscle Cars;
  • Alessandro Baratella: fan of American cars in general, mustang forum moderator, co-founder United Muscle Cars.

Among the media present, a Shelby GT500 1967 (Amazing !!!!), some 500 GT and Boss 302 modern, a Roush, different fastback ’65 -’66, several MACH1 70s and a flood of other mustang. Il colpo d’occhio era impressionante, quasi da catalogo Mecum!
The event attracted many fans and curious. Thank you for your availability the City of Castelfranco Veneto, UMC, MCI, MCA, Semo Mustang Club Inc., and we hope to repeat next year, with all 700 points maybe!





Text: Fabrizio Schenardi
Photo: Andrea “McQueen” Monaco

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