A racing car is an animal with a thousand adjustments

                                                              Mario Andretti

After the success of the 2001 Mustang Bullitt, Ford launched another “Living Legend” specialty Mustang in 2003 with the re-introduction of the Mach 1 model. Mach 1 offered car collectors and enthusiasts alike a modern Mustang with an infusion of Ford muscle-car styling cues from the ’60s. Its functional “shaker” hood scoop was modeled after the car’s original shaker hood, and other signature design cues also came from the Mach 1’s 1969 namesake, including the logo. These include a matte-black hood stripe, black front air-dam extension, a black rear decklid spoiler, predominate rocker panels, body side scoops and five-spoke wheels. Even some classic color schemes returned; Mach 1 exterior paint choices in 2003 were Oxford White, Black, Torch Red, Zinc Yellow, Azure Blue and Dark Shadow Gray.

To match its aggressive looks, the Mach 1’s 4.6L DOHC modular engine originally developed for the SVT Cobra featured a dual-bore 57mm throttle body, Capable of 305 hp @ 5,800 RPM and 320 lbs.-ft. @ 4,200 RPM of Thorque, cast-aluminum intake manifold and a set of new, high-flow four-valve cylinder heads, Improved suspesions and brakes, dedicated 17 x 8 in 5-spoke “Heritage” wheels . Exhaust manifolds were port matched to the heads, and specific Mach 1 mufflers were tuned to create a unique sound. Mach 1 was offered with a manual or automatic transmission. Its has been Manifactured from 2003 till 2004 only. The Total Produced were only 7.182.

Pretty difficult to find nowadays in Europe, this car will become a future “must have” for worldwide collectors.

Why we consider this car a unicorn? The name, the legacy and the air intake are already enough, guys

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