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During my second invasion attempt I clearly understood why for Russians and Nazis was impossible to invade Finland: Finnish People have Balls. Period.

Specially as drivers. How i discover that?

In the strangest way Ever!

But let’s proceed with order.

During a quick visit to Finland (that i can’t really consider a true invasion Mustangmania Style, because i spent only one night there), I met few guys,

from Kevytrahti Motorsport and from Pony Express Racing. We had a quick dinner in a Place Called Ravintola Plevna, a Brewery in the old power station, located in the city center of Tampere ( it was the first city in Finland in the 18th century with the electrical energy on the street and in the houses!).

The guys promised me that if i will come back before winter, they will let me try the crazy experience of a rally in a SN95 Mustang.

I have to admit i pushed quite a bit to get new sales and meetings before the end of the year, but i made the impossible possible. 3 months after this promise in front of few beers, i was Back.

Arto Malinen, Mikko Rajala, Pekka Lappi and their girlfriends can’t believe to see a freezing Italian skip lunch and dinner to be at the meeting point on time.

The location: a private road nearby a sawmill. The target: make me scaried as fuck (done).

The first ride: a 1995 SN95 v8 mustang, with 4.56 gears in the back, 5 speed manual, with only two seats,a roll bar and few supports for gopro cameras.

“Keep your hands on the belts?” Arto said. “Why” i replied. “Just in case we roll upside down”. J-U-S-T I-N C-A-S-E W-E R-O-L-L U-P-S-I-D-E D-O-W-N.

I will never rember that words. I was not even able to reply, because Arto started the car, and i was just trying to keep my stomach in his position. Be a passenger on a race car is tough, but you are in a race track, with empty space nearby you, on a perfect asphalt. We were on rallying on a street, with a gravel and sand road, with the width of the car, at full speed, with trunk of trees on both side of the road, in the middle of nowhere!

What is a wild pig on a rabbit crossed the street? But the Finnish weren’t scared at all.

After maybe 5 or 6 trials on the mustang, i have been moved on the ford escort of Mikko. I have admit i was not feeling at my 100%, and Mikko finished me with other 6 trials on these street, with tight corners, jumps and a lot of slides.

Believe it or not, the next driver was Mikko’s son, 14 years old. He was driving twice faster as his father. UNBELIVABLE! WIthout my ass on the car, of course!

My reward, when my stomach got back to normality, was a lovely hot dog, that we made in a small fire place made to warm us up.

Was this my craziest experience in Finland? I can only say YES!!!!


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