ORD MUSTANG UNICORNS: 2007 Shelby GT500 Super Snake Convertible

ORD MUSTANG UNICORNS: 2007 Shelby GT500 Super Snake Convertible

S-197 2007

My second Unicorn

“These cars are meant to be driven, so enjoy the hell out of all of it –

not just the look of it when it is all clean”

                                                     Carroll Shelby

This Car is My Second Unicorn.

Take a powerful GT500, add gallons of Horse powers(600 horsepower with warranty, 725 without) a cold air intake, Shelby/Baer 6-piston caliper brakes, a Shelby short throw shifter, an Eibach coil-over suspension, sway bars, and a Borla cat-back exhaust.

No Mustang special edition would be complete without exterior adornments to let everyone know, so the Super Snake gets a new hood, carbon fiber front spliter, cf mirror covers and rocker panels, as well as a brake duct kit for the front and rear. Then there’s the badging on the rear deck lid, front grille and front fenders, combined with the fat Super Snake striping bisecting the car lengthwise. Your Super Snake will also be rolling on 20-inch Shelby Alcoa wheels wearing Pirelli P-Zeros.

Unfortunately, the Super Snake doesn’t address the Mustang’s weight problem(2007-2010 Shelbys suffered the cast iron engine block, plus a couple of extra lovely issues…)

Less than 1.000 SuperSnake Shelby have been built in 2007. More than sure only a few convertibles.(we were not able to access to the production numbers unfortunately). Why I consider this as one of my unicorns?4 seats,725 hp and a road near the sea. What else you will need?

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