USA 2016 – Travel Diary – Day 07

USA 2016 – Travel Diary – Day 07

USA 2016 – Travel Diary – Day 07



“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again” Richard Branson

Jack Roush Sr. is one of our favourite mustang customizer ever, probably because every generation of Mustangers has his own heroes.

I always taught that Shelby was the first, Roush makes the race cars and Saleen develops crazy models. I know that is completely a non-sense division, but people minds sometimes are a concentration of information placed there, with a very weird order.


Be the first Italians that walked inside Roush Performance was absolutely a special sensation; Mike, Don and Tony made it even more unique: we had 3 tourist guides, completely at our disposal, explaining to us each department of the factory.


Saw a S550 becoming a Roush mustang has been one of the coolest 10 experiences I had in 2016. I say that because I hope I could have more things coming in before the end of the year, of course! Also the Roush F-150 let me us consider it the perfect car for wintertime. Then we saw a mustang, absolutely stunning: A Roush RS3, used as a test car. we literally felt in love with it, especially when we heard the sound: a monster, ready to bite you. In a corner, all cleaned and near the exit we saw the Track Pack Roush Mustang Introduced at the 2015 SEMA show: another wonderful car! We walked back to the offices, when our guides told me that Jack Roush Jr. was around, and available to meet me before we go to the Roush Museum. We admit we were surprised; Even more when he came inside the office and introduced himself. “Are you enjoying your visit guys?”, “Yes, you have a very nice facility and unbelievable cars” “Thank you so much. Are you going to Roush museum now, right? Why don’t we go in the RS3 prototype together? It’s a while I don’t drive it. I may let you drive”. Shocked face; Heart attack; Near to cry. Be nice and answer “Yes please!” Mike, Don, Tony and Matteo seated inside a Roush F-150 with 700 hp. I was on the passenger seat of 1 of 1 Roush RS3 prototype with Jack Roush Jr, believe or not. After some drifting, Jack saw a parking lot, full of Snow. He quickly started doing donuts; after a couple happened something unbelievable: “Wanna try?”. Ok Guys. How could an answer different from YES, to a racing legend, seated on the driver side of a 700 hp prototype could be considered? I tried to keep down may enthusiasm saying “why not?”. After 10 minutes doing donuts, I literally got stuck on an ice block. The coolest moment of my life, smashed by the only small ice block, in a parking lot big enough to store a Boeing 737. Jesus, I taught was my day! But the worst part of the story still has to come. Jack walked out the car to push the car. Yes, I still feel guilty. We quickly unstuck the car, due to the help of a gentleman that helped Jack pushing. When he came back on the passenger seat, completely wet and dirty, I had to say something to save the situation; I look at him, with my best smile and I said “After this performance my chances to be hired as a NASCAR pilot for your team are not that much”. He laughed a lot, then said “Yes, for sure”. 10 minutes after, we reached Roush Museum. This place preserves the cars that contribute to create the myth of Roush, plus some special cars from his private collection. Our friend Tyler, the archivist of the Museum, showed us all the changing made from the last year.


The trip Back to Roush Performance, on a F-150 Supercrew, supercharged, with 700 HP and with Matteo as a Driver has been pure fun. Back to the offices, we asked Jack to sign some stuff for us and we had the privilege to make an interview with him. We left Roush Performance half-way between shocked and grateful.


Due to the fact that was our last night in Detroit, we decided to Have a Burger in the Best Place in Town: Vinsetta Garage. It Has been lovely customizing Garage in the past, with a gas station on Woodward avenue. Nowadays is a fantastic restaurant, and our favourite place so far in Detroit. Tyler was our special guest. After a couple of beers we understood that was our last night in Detroit. We went to bed with the clear Idea that we have to say a last goodbye before we left.


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