USA 2016 – Travel Diary – Day 10

USA 2016 – Travel Diary – Day 10

USA 2016 – Travel Diary – Day 10



“Research is the highest form of adoration” Pierre Teilhard De Chardin



We woke up at a decent time. During our shopping session at CJ Pony Parts we hadn’t found a fundamental part (for Matteo, at least): The fog light kit for his 2010 V6 Convertible.
Unluckily we both live in an area with a pretty tough fog in wintertime. After a couple of very bad driving through the fog, Matteo finally decided to buy a set of fog lights for his car, hopefully during this trip. After the unlucky shot at CJ, we decided to try with another Famous shop, not very far from CJ: American Muscle.
What we discovered on-site, was something unexpected: They don’t have a shop for visiting customers and there was no chance to have something delivered in front of their main door on Saturday morning. After this unlucky shot we tried every single Ford Dealer from New Jersey to New York State.
So far we understood 2 things:
Nobody likes to work on Saturday morning shifts;
If it’s not the right day to buy something, you will not be able to anything to change it.
We sadly reach the airport; I say sadly because we know that our holidays are over and we will be in the office Monday morning.
We can only say thank you for the fantastic and warm welcome we received from everybody in USA. We hope to see things in Europe changing very soon.

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